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Remains Silent

Remains Silent

Vollständiger TitelRemains Silent
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GenreThriller und Krimis
AutorDr. Michael Band, Linda Kenney Baden
VerlagVintage Crime

Baden, a former medical examiner and host of the HBO series Autopsy and Kenney, a legal analyst for several cable news programs, add some sparkle to a rapidly growing subgenre with this energetic thriller that introduces a pair of strong-willed, affable protagonists who come to grips with bodies both long dead and hardly cold. Jake Rosen won't turn up on anyone's best-dressed list, but he's a crackerjack medical examiner, and he doesn't hesitate when he's summoned by his mentor to scrutinize human remains uncovered by a crew clearing land for a shopping center abutting the grounds of a state mental hospital. He stubbornly pursues the case, despite a series of occurrences obviously meant to warn him off. Just as obdurate as Jake is attorney Philomena Manfreda (Manny for short), "fighter for the underdog," whose client is the daughter of one of the dearly departed. Cruising around in her sports car, impeccably attired Manny seems flaky at first, but in terms of wits and courage, she's a perfect match for Jake. If not entirely bloodless, the forensic details are surprisingly tidy, delivered with an almost tutorial detachment, and the quirky personalities of the characters, especially Manny, add a layer of comedy unheard of in forensic thrillers. There's even a little romance. All in all, it's a very promising start to a new series; expect demand.

gut, kaum Abnutzungsspuren. seiten etwas vergilbt.

Tags:englisches, buch

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