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Black Peter / The Red-Headed league

Black Peter / The Red-Headed league

Vollständiger TitelBlack Peter / The Red-Headed league
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Sub-Genre7. Schulklasse
AutorConan Doyle
VerlagEasy Readers

Black Peter was a successful seal and whale fisher, a hard man and captain of the sealer Sea Unicorn. When he gave up sealing, he bought a house for his wife and daughter and built a small house of wood in the garden where he slept - and drank rum. One morning his daughter found him, a harpoon run through him and deep into the wood. Then ...

In The Red-Headed League Mr Wilson, who has a fine head of red hair, is told by his assistant about a job at the offices of the league. Excellent pay, little work. There were hundreds of men when he got there, but he gets the job. He is to be in the office every day and copy out the Encyclopaedia Britannica, starting at A! Across the street from his shop was the cellar of one of the big London banks!

Tags:black, peter, the, redheaded, league, conan, doyle, easy, readers

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